Audio: Shop along with Dawna Dennis

Dawna Dennis. Photo by Tania Savayan/lohud

Dawna Dennis knows who she is. She’s a 39-year-old married mother of three girls. They have a dog.

What they don’t have, yet, is one steady grocery store they can call their own. The family moved to Yorktown from Seattle in August but they’ve yet to settle on the store that gives them everything they’re looking for.

They drive to Danbury for Trader Joe’s and Costco. They tried Turco’s and BJ’s and the new Acme in town.

I went along as Dawna did her suburban mom thing, picking up a few things at BJ’s on a half-day of school for her girls.

The author

In more than 75 interviews over the past two months, Peter D. Kramer has learned a bit about supermarkets: how they’re designed and, most important, the key role they play in their customers’ lives. His own supermarket journey has been peripatetic, taking him from Waldbaum’s in Tappan to New Hampshire to New Mexico and now to New Jersey, where the father of four has learned to bring his own bags and scan his own groceries.

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