Chat about “Groceries.”

The new DeCicco’s & Sons in Larchmont will open Dec. 18. Photo by Tania Savayan/lohud.

Talk shop — grocery shops — with Hoa and Pete, when they will host a live blog from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 22, in the gastropub at the brand-new DeCicco & Sons market in Larchmont.

Attend in person or participate in the conversation on this post.

Live Blog Groceries. A Conversation

4 thoughts on “Chat about “Groceries.””

  1. I love Aldis grocery Shop
    All the grocery stores now are so huge. When you want to shop quickly, Aldis is great because it’s simple and affordable. You dont get sucked in and start buying needless items like in those extravaganza grocery stores.

    1. I hadn’t shopped an Aldi’s before this project, and I see your point. The chain also owns another popular small-footprint store, Trader Joe’s. I was intrigued from the start, when I saw people popping quarters into their grocery carts, which they “rent” during their shopping trip and return to rack to get their quarter back. Very European. The selection is limited, and I’m not sure it’d have everything my family of 6 needs, but there’s certainly appeal in its size and the bottom line.

  2. Wish you were holding this at a more central location. Not really interested in driving down to Larchmont from Yorktown, even though I’m sure I would enjoy the discussion.

    Aldi’s is an interesting place, no-frills but good quality (a sister chain to Trader Joe’s). I’m surprised they haven’t opened any locations in Westchester. The old Food Emporium in Yorktown might be an interesting spot for them.

  3. I appreciate this work. I’m an Ossining resident who has the choice of Stop & Shop, Shop Rite in Croton, and Mrs Greens in Briarcliff as needed. I appreciate the self checkout lanes, I like using a scanner to ring up my items as I shop and bag, so checkout is a breeze. I love the increased organic and local sections I’m seeing in this space, and even the availability of grass-fed beef is making us happy. I can see how the aging population here may need innovative services to get them to the supermarkets, as distance seems to be the problem for access for them. The landscape isn’t complete, however, without successful year-round farmers markets. I’m so glad many communities do have them.

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