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A Special Report

From the editor

People are passionate about groceries. Photo by Tania Savayan/lohud

What to do about the grocery buzz? That was the question on the table this fall as lohud editors and reporters gathered to discuss the coverage of A&P’s bankruptcy and its aftermath. Stories on the chain’s disruptive exit from the market consistently topped the digital metrics we use to track performance on lohud.

Clearly, our community was gripped by the story. Not only was traffic up significantly on our website and on our mobile products, but the A&P saga also was selling newspapers, generating letters to the editor and social media chatter, and bringing in tips from sources.

Only minutes into our discussion we began trading stories about where we shop, how we shop, when we shop, what we buy, what we love and what we wish were different about the local grocery experience. Based on our own energy and strong opinions, we suspected there was more to tell than a good business story.

We sent reporters Hoa Nguyen and Peter D. Kramer and photographer Tania Savayan into the community to listen. For two months, they followed the story, interviewing more than 100 people: shoppers and supermarket analysts, store owners and deli guys. “Groceries.” is a special report on the shifting supermarket landscape in the wake of the A&P bankruptcy, a deep dive into the emotions, strategies and opinions our neighbors associate with that trip to the market.
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A Special Report

Meet the team

Tania Savayan, Peter D. Kramer and Hoa Nguyen in front of Whole Foods in Port Chester. Photo by Mark Vergari/lohud

Hoa Nguyen has reported on A&P’s bankruptcy starting from when company lawyers opened their case in White Plains on July 19, 2015. A 15-year news veteran, Nguyen has covered businesses, breaking news, crime, schools and government in three states.

She has been part of lohud/The Journal News’ data journalism and reporting staff for nearly five years. Grocery shopping is one of her pastimes.

In more than 75 interviews over the past two months, Peter D. Kramer has learned a bit about supermarkets: how they’re designed, and, most important, the key role they play in their customers’ lives.

A 27-year Journal News staffer, his first grocery experience was the Waldbaum’s on Route 303 in Tappan. Now, he’s a Jersey father of four who loves the freedom and speed of technology that lets him scan his entire order as he shop. He keeps his reusable shopping bags in his car, just in case his wife calls and there’s a stop to make on the way home from work.

Tania Savayan has been a visual journalist for lohud/The Journal News since 2007. Since A&P filed for bankruptcy, she has interviewed 100 shoppers, about half of which are featured in the many videos she produced for this project. Talking to people and chronicling their grocery habits were among the reasons she enjoyed this project. Plus, it gave her an excuse to go shopping.

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